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Gas Leak Repair in McKinney, TX

At Smith and Son Plumbing, gas leak detection and repair is one of the most important plumbing issues we deal with. Preventing and repairing gas leaks is a top concern and should be taken very seriously. If you suspect a gas leak, leave the property immediately and contact us. We have the tools and experience to locate the gas leak and repair it promptly!

Gas Leak Repair



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Gas Leak Detection & Gas Line Repair Services 

Gas lines are a crucial element in every residential or commercial property. After all, they power water heaters and keep your stove running. However, unlike your typical plumbing, gas lines carry volatile elements that can be extremely dangerous in the event of a leak. Moreover, a gas leak doesn’t always advertise itself. More often than not, detecting a gas leak can be quite challenging which makes gas leaks more dangerous. For this reason, quick detection is a must. This is where the gas and water leak  Smith and Son Plumbing comes in. With years of experience in the plumbing industry, our well-trained drain cleaning and leak technicians will detect gas leaks and make repairs, quickly, leaving your gas line in top-notch shape. 

Do You Suspect You Have A Gas Leak?

While underground gas leaks can be difficult to spot especially for a novice, there are superficial signs of a gas leak including:
  • If you smell gas indoors or outdoors
  • Super high gas bill 
  • Blue gas flame instead of the typical yellow/orange flame
  • Headaches and dizziness whenever you’re close to the gas line
  • Hissing sound from your gas line
  • Furnace pilot light keeps blowing out
  • Dead vegetation
All the above signs should help you know when you have a gas leak. If you spot signs of a leak but can’t pinpoint the exact spot, contact us as soon as possible for professional gas leak detection and gas line repair services. Our specialists are not only readily available but also have comprehensive insight regarding gas leaks to help them quickly identify and rectify any problems with your gas line. 

What Causes Gas Leaks?

Many factors play a role in creating a gas leak. Common causes include:
  • Substandard Piping: When your gas line system was initially installed poorly. This problem is often prevalent in older houses.
  • Badly Fitted Appliances: If your appliances were fitted carelessly, gas could escape. When fitting household appliances, ensure that the seal is airtight to prevent a gas leak.
  • Old Appliances: Over time, the seals between appliances and the gas pipes can wear off. The wear and tear of these seals can cause gas leaks. 
Regardless of the cause, we will set things right. We’ve provided many homes and businesses in the Frisco, TX area with gas leak detection and gas line repair services, and we’ll do the same for you. We pride ourselves for our fast response, and all your gas line issues will immediately be repaired. 

Gas Line Repairs & Maintenance Need Professionals

Do you want to stay ahead of gas leaks and gas line problems? If so, then you need regular professional gas line maintenance to ensure safety and optimum use. We maintain gas lines by regularly inspecting your system and providing you with a detailed report regarding preventative measures. In case we come across any issues, we will fix the problem on the spot and prevent the spread of dangerous gases in your property. 
We are licensed, insured and certified experts with a team of professional  natural gas and water leak repairmen and technicians to keep your gas line fully functional and your family safe. We let our work speak for itself – so call us for expert gas leak detection and gas line repair services.
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